Being rich doesn’t change your experiences in the way you think. By John Lennon and Yoko Ono

  "Being rich doesn't change your experiences in the way you think. The only difference, basically, is that you don't have you worry about money - food - roof etc. But all other experiences - emotions - relationships - are the same as anybodies. I know, I have been rich and poor and so has Yoko, (rich - poor - rich). So, whadya think of that. Love John and Yoko."

The John Lennon Letters

john lennon from Amazon:  This collection of nearly 300 letters and postcards has been edited and annotated by Hunter Davies, whose authorized biography The Beatles (McGraw-Hill, 1968) was published to great acclaim. With unparalleled knowledge of Lennon and his contemporaries, Davies reads between the lines of the artist's words, contextualizing them and using them to reveal the man himself.